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Lift Your Booty WorkoutBack at it again with another Trainer Tip Tuesday!

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Now I have a few questions for you…

Has your weight loss stalled recently?

Do you feel a little soft around your booty?

Or maybe you are feeling a little unmotivated lately because you haven’t seen any changes in your body, despite working hard and sticking to your diet.

I was once there too — and that’s exactly why Liz and I started this blog.


“If You Train the Same, You Remain the Same.”

And that’s why you need to switch it up! If you’ve been doing the same thing for months on end and it’s getting you nowhere, then it’s time for a change.

This especially goes for you ladies out there that are only doing cardio!

This quick workout will exercise your butt to help tone & lift your booty, and get a nice sweat going too. We recommend adding these butt lift exercises to the end of your strength training routine to kick things up a notch.

Now maybe you’re wondering…

“How do I strength train?”

You know that the benefits of strength training are enormous to increase lean muscle, burn fat faster, and boost your metabolism.

But you go to the gym and think…

I’m so confused.

Is my form correct?

What should I do first? 

I did that last time, should I do it again or do something different?

Should I switch things up?

That exactly why we created the Bikini Bootcamp – a structured women’s strength training program to help you lose fat faster, sculpt your body, build that booty and shed extra weight.

If you’re short on time, just complete 3-4 rounds of this workout for the ultimate booty blast.

Not only will you feel great after this workout, but as an added bonus, strengthening your glutes helps to:

  • prevent knee injuries,
  • reduce lower back pain, and
  • prevent pelvic musculoskeletal problems.

NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED – that means NO EXCUSES! Work them buns ladies 😉

We’ll see you inside the Bikini Bootcamp Community for more!

See you next week!

Your dedicated trainer,


P.S. If you’re not doing strength training – you need to! Plain and simple, it will not “bulk” you up. Rather it will help you create and maintain a lean physique almost effortlessly.

Plus, who actually enjoys doing hours upon hours of cardio each day? We know you don’t, and we’re here to share with you that there’s an easier way to reach your health and fitness goals – strength training!

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