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Who are the Super Sisters?



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Liz Germain, NSCA-CPT, Pn1 (left) // Sara Germain, NSCA-CPT, Pn1, RYT (right)

The Super Sisters, Liz & Sara Germain, are two internationally known leaders in women’s fitness and NSCA-Certified Personal Trainers/fitness instructors. 


They both hold degrees from University of California schools and have 5+ years experience training & teaching fitness classes at some of the biggest fitness facilities in the world, including UCLA’s John Wooden Center, and Santa Monica’s premiere Triathlon Training Center.


Together the sisters have written over 10 healthy cookbooks, one comprehensive, plant-based nutrition guide/meal guide, and 3 progressive women’s strength training fat loss programs.


Currently these sisters publish their own fitness lifestyle blog,, while inspiring a worldwide following of women with their healthy plant-based recipes, women’s fitness workouts and a positive approach to life.


What is an ebook?


An ebook is a PDF document that you can download immediately and save on your computer or mobile device for future reference. It never “expires” and you can access it for the rest of your life. 


You will need Adobe PDF Reader installed on your device to access the ebook. 


Will this be delivered to my house? 


No, this ebook will not be delivered to your home. You will be sent an email after your purchase is confirmed which contains a download link for you to access the ebook.


Can I give this as a gift?


Yes! You can send our ebooks as gifts to other people if you enter their email in at the time of purchase. However, please note they may be able to see how much you paid for the program as we are not able to provide “gift receipts” at this time.


How do I access my ebook?


You MUST have Adobe PDF Reader installed in order to access the download. We also recommend using Google Chrome, the fastest web browser we know of, to download your programs.


Does this program include a meal plan?


The Bikini Bootcamp programs cover everything you need to know about women’s exercise, and they do give general nutrition recommendations and guidelines. However, no meal plan is included. 


If you’re looking for a meal plan to lose weight, please consult the LEARN Meal Guide. 


How many days per week will I be expected to workout? 


BB-Part 1 includes 4 days of strength training workouts and 2 days of H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) workouts, so you will be working out 6 days per week. Beginners have the option to start with only 1 day of H.I.I.T workouts, for a total of 5 workouts per week.


BB-Part 2 includes 3 days of circuit training workouts, 2-4 days of walking (yep, that’s your only cardio!) and at least 1 day of stretching or yoga.


In general, what types of foods should I be eating during this program?


You should eat clean, whole nutritious foods. Avoid processed, packaged foods and try to only drink water for the next six weeks. Check out our LEARN Meal Guide for more specific directions, including a daily meal planner and easy, plant-based recipes for fat loss. 


What types of equipment will I need?


For BB-Part 1: You will need a set of dumbbells (8-20lbs), a stability ball and a bench or sturdy chair.


For BB-Part 2: You will need dumbbells, a medicine ball, jump rope, and a bench OR sturdy chair. 


We recommend the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells which are adjustable from 5 to 52.5 lbs, but any standard set of dumbbells will also work.


Do I need any special kitchen tools to make these recipes?


No! A standard kitchen usually has everything you need to make these easy, healthy recipes. There is no special equipment or skill required.


What is the difference between Part 1 and Part 2?


The Bikini Bootcamp – Part 1 is a periodized women’s Strength Training program focused on increasing metabolism and sculpting healthy, fit and toned muscles. Part 2 is a more advanced Circuit Training program focused on delivering advanced fat loss for women. It is typically recommended to complete Part 1 before attempting Part 2. 


I’m new here, should I get the Bikini Bootcamp or the Stretch & Strength Plan?


It depends what you’re looking for. Both Bikini Bootcamp Plans are individual 6-week exercise programs. The Stretch & Strength Plan is a more advanced lifestyle system that includes not only a 12-week exercise program, but also 100+ healthy recipes, member support and more. We usually recommend starting out with Bikini Bootcamp Part 1, then doing Part 2, and from there progressing into the Stretch & Strength Plan. 


When I’m doing a program, how should I check in?


You can cheek in as much as you want for accountability. Daily, weekly, etc. We love to hear from you! Tag us (using @supersisterfitness and #gobikini) in pictures of your “clean eats,” your workout gear, you doing the exercises, your inspiration, your beautiful faces and anything else you can think of to add. Get creative!


What should I post about in my check-ins?


Pictures of your food, workouts, gym, progress shots, equipment, personal motivation, ipod playlist, etc. could all suffice as a check-in. Also status updates and comments on our Facebook page about how you’re feeling/doing, how your workout went, etc. are great ideas! We just want to hear what you’re doing and see what it’s like for you following along. 🙂


How can I connect with other women doing the program?


Make sure to join our private support group program!


Will we receive a meal plan?


The Bikini Bootcamp plans are primarily exercise training programs, so they only includes “Nutrition Recommendations” portion. We recommend taking your nutrition to the next level by referencing the LEARN Meal Guide. 


In general, what foods should I be eating during one of your programs?


You should eat clean, whole nutritious foods. Avoid processed, packaged foods and try to only drink water for the next six weeks. Check out our LEARN Meal Guide for a sample 30-day meal plan, basic plant-based nutrition education and lots of easy, healthy fat loss recipes.


Are there any healthy recipes that you recommend I try while doing this program?


Yes! Any of the recipes on our blog would be great for you to try out. If you need more in-depth help learning how to cook unprocessed foods and set up a meal plan based on your fat loss goals, please reference the LEARN Meal Guide.


My question was not answered in these FAQs, what should I do?


Email and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Please understand we receive a large volume of emails every day and it may take time for us to respond.