best exercises for glutes

BEST Exercise for Butt — Build the Booty in 3 Moves w/ Squat Free Weights

best exercises for glutes

What is the best exercise for the glutes?

Great question.

Here’s our answer…

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Bbest exercises for buttridges are an especially incredible tool to grow and strengthen the backside. Add them to your routine if they’re not already included.

This exercise is great for its versatility and the fact that just about everyone can do this movement. It is especially good for those experiencing knee pain during standing load-bearing exercises. 

We recommend the Bowflex Selecttech weights for your home workouts, because 5-10 lb dumbbells usually won’t cut it. Your lower body muscle groups are the largest in your body and can handle quite a bit of weight with proper form. 

Using heavier weights here will help you sculpt lean muscle, increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat, even at rest. You’ll also develop a stronger core and better functional strength by using the appropriately challenging weights. 

 bowflex selecttech review

The Bowflex Selecttech weights are adjustable from 5-52.5 lbs per dumbbell. We’ve had ours for 5+ years and they’re still just like new. 

How do you know what the right amount of weight is for you? It depends…

Typically you should feel like you can barely eek out the last 2-3 reps of any given set of exercises. And remember, good form is ALWAYS key. Never compromise form just to lift heavier. 

The other two best exercises for the butt are squats and deadlifts. A foundation of any solid lower body workout routine, these two exercises are vital to your booty building success!

Try all three, using a moderate sized weight to fatigue. We used 30 lbs. in this video and it was challenging after about 15 reps. Keep it safe and do what works for you!

Do you know a friend who would love to learn more about the best exercise for the booty, sans squats?

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