Booty Band Workout | Exercise Band Workout

Wowzers, what a month it’s been!

Just a little recap:

    • I got married to my best friend. Check the pictures I posted on Facebook here (more to come with a full recap and details about the Bridal Bootcamp program):
  • Liz spent a week at the YouTube creator camp learning from the pros on how to make our videos rock! They even invested in our channel to help us upgrade our equipment to grow faster.

So what does that mean for you?

New, weekly content on our YouTube channel as well as giveaways, collabs and all sorts of fun – so be sure to subscribe while you are over there, and let us know if there’s something specific you’d like to see in the coming months!

Okay, now on to the good stuff…

Booty Band Workout

Get ready to challenge yourself in this low-impact workout that takes less than 10 minutes to target and lift your buns.

All you need is one of these super cheap circle bands that you can find on Amazon here.  

Doing low-impact workouts doesn’t mean low intensity – there are many ways to turn up the heat. I was sweating just halfway through this sequence, and you’ll definitely find it challenging at any fitness level.

Pre and Post Workout Eating

Just a quick note about what to eat pre and post workout…

There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the interwebs about what to eat before and after you workout.

Here’s the bottom line…

Everyone has their own preferences, but some general rules apply. For us, we always recommend eating healthy, whole foods (foods that contain just one ingredient) FIRST. 

It really is that simple. But sometimes it’s a challenge to get all your needed macronutrients from real food choices, and that’s where supplements can really come in to help.  

In general, you don’t typically need to worry about macronutrients, nutrient timing, meal timing or anything like that unless you are a pro athlete and looking to shave milliseconds off your 50 meter dash. 

But if you’re trying to make sure you’re eating the best options to support your general fitness goals, here’s what I do…


I like to have a green smoothie right after my workout with a scoop of protein powder — check out this blog post to see which ones we recommend.  I also typically add in fruit, spinach and unsweetened almond milk.

Why? Because your body does need protein after any strength workout. It helps your body rebuild what was broken down, and you’ll recover faster because of it. 

Carbs are also a great thing to have because they help refuel the body and the carbs can actually act as a “broom” to help sweep the protein up into the muscle fibers where they’re needed most. 

Some people also recommend BCAAs, and in our eyes, that’s a great choice too. But it’s not going to “make or break” your results, so if you’re confused about all that, just stick to a solid, healthy real food meal or smoothie with some added protein to aid recovery. 

Check out these 10 Post-Workout Meal Ideas to get some more great options going!


For pre-workout, I usually have fruit or something that is quick digesting so that I don’t have anything “heavy” sitting in my stomach before I workout, especially if I’m doing anything that’s high intensity.

The fast digesting natural sugars in fruit can also help give you an added boost of energy! But some people prefer to workout on an emptier stomach. 

It really comes down to individual preference. We don’t use pre-workout supplements, other than an occasional natural green tea caffeine shot every once in a while to help get the energy flowing on those “tired” days. 

That’s about it!

Hopefully that helps!

Your trainer,