7 min Booty Builder workout

🍑 7 min. Booty Builder Workout – Best Butt Workout for Women! 🍑

Want to Build A Booty?

Without leaving your living room?

Cool, me too! WHO DOESN’T?! 😉

Today’s home workout is the best butt workout for women, and if you don’t believe me, try doing 3-4 rounds and then tell me how you feel after… 🙂

Watch the video below, or skip to the bottom of this post to get the written workout routine.

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Today’s 7 Min. Booty Builder Workout Routine

Equipment Needed: 1 set of HEAVY dumbbells (I’m using 8 lbs, but go heavier if you’re experienced!)

1 min. Step Squats

booty builder workout

30 seconds rest

1 min. Pulse Squats

booty builder workout

30 seconds rest

1 min. Bridges

booty builder workout

30 seconds rest

1 min. Donkey Kicks

booty builder workout

30 seconds rest

1 min. Rainbows

booty builder workout

30 seconds rest

REPEAT 1-4 rounds, then stretch!

Want to really take your “Booty Building” next level?

Then you need a FULL 12 week workout program. Because just doing one workout here and there isn’t going to actually cut it…

You need consistency, the right plan, and to make sure you’re using heavy enough weights.

What’s heavy enough for you? What’s not? I explain everything inside the Bootcamp Community, which includes all your workout materials, tracking calendars, a huge recipe library and more, all geared towards helping you build that booty and sculpt those abs without ever questioning if what you’re doing is working.

You will KNOW it’s working, because you’ll start to see results in just 2-3 weeks, and you’ll FEEL the results almost immediately.

It’s worked for dozens of women, and if you’re ready to go next level, let me help you navigate the way.

See you inside!

Your trainer,

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