What Do You Mean Squat Challenge

justin bieber what do you mean squat challenge

Woohoo! It’s the Justin Bieber What Do You Mean Squat Challenge!!

Today’s Trainer Tip Tuesday video is all about getting you moving and grooving to one of the latest songs out there in the radio world! Whether you’re a J Biebs fan or not, this video will challenge your lower body, including legs and glutes, as well as your core.

Feel free to repeat it 3-5 times for a full workout! 

With no equipment needed, you can get a great functional total body calorie burn going with this quick, fun squat challenge.

Try it out today and if you like it, or if you know someone you LOVES Justin Bieber, send it their way!

xx Your trainer xx


P.S. Hi to our cousin Jenna in the Midwest!! We love you and hope you’re having an awesome day. You’re beautiful and strong and we hope you LOVE this new video we made for you. xoxo 🙂 🙂