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10-min Total Body Workout at Home *Cardio Core Series*

Cardio Core Challenge Series with SSF and Emily Sopo Part 2 of the Cardio Core Challenge series is now up! Enjoy today’s workout, a 10-minute Total Body Workout you can do with just one set of dumbbells. If you haven’t heard yet, for this series we’re sharing a new video to follow every Tuesday for […]

Dumbbell Abs Workout for Women *** Cardio Core Series ***

Cardio Core Challenge Series with SSF and Emily Sopo Woohoo! It’s time for a new fun challenge. All you need for this #CardioCore series is a set of dumbbells, a mat and a bottle of water. There’s a new video to follow every Tuesday for the next few weeks, starting with a Dumbbell Abs Workout […]

3 CORE MOVES | Core Exercises for FLAT ABS, no equipment

BYE BYE Belly Fat! Ya’ll, who is ready for a core workout? Let’s get it! Today’s #SSFsweatsquad workout is all about the core. Try these 3 core moves to help tone, tighten and cinch your waistline. Make sure you do a 3-5 minute warmup before you get started, then jump in and let me know […]

SPF Tips and My Sun Damage Prevention Routine

As a fitness and nutrition specialist, I am hyper aware that how we treat our bodies and what we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in our overall health. But what about what we put on our bodies? And what about natural environmental realities like daily exposure to sun? Chances are, if you’re […]

Tired of Adulting? Try This #GlowUp Challenge

Why doesn’t anyone tell you adulting is going to be so much work?! From having to: plan our workouts, cook healthy food, get work projects done, and just plain take care of our bodies… Let me just point out the elephant in the room here… Being a responsible adult requires a lot of energy. And […]