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Tired of Adulting? Try This #GlowUp Challenge

Why doesn’t anyone tell you adulting is going to be so much work?! From having to: plan our workouts, cook healthy food, get work projects done, and just plain take care of our bodies… Let me just point out the elephant in the room here… Being a responsible adult requires a lot of energy. And […]

Quick HIIT Cardio Workout 💨 7 Minutes! 💨

Need A Quick HIIT Cardio Workout? Then this post is for you! Today’s 7-minute workout will have you dripping in sweat in just a matter of minutes. Why? Because we’re doing a HIIT cardio workout today! That means we’ll be working anaerobically, pushing the body’s energy systems to burn massive calories, even after the workout […]

Outer Thigh Workout for Women | 7 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

Outer Thigh Workout for Women By Super Sister Fitness Today’s 7-minute at-home workout circuit is all about the outer thighs! In this short workout, we will sculpt and tone your legs, plus you’ll learn how to target the outer thighs and get your sweat on with today’s routine. You can “Mix & Match” this workout […]