How to Do Tree Pose + Advice from a Tree

Tree pose is one of our favorite beginner yoga moves. It challenges your core stability, balance and brings to light the natural symmetry of your body. 


  1. Start by shifting your weight to one leg.
  2. Use your hands to help assist your other leg up into a “4” shape, resting your heel above your knee or all the way up at the top of your thigh. You want to avoid putting any pressure on the knees, so make sure your entire foot is above the joint.
  3. From there, make sure your hips are level. They have a tendency to want to shift so that one side will be higher. Make sure the top of both sides of the pelvic bone are parallel with the floor.
  4. Play with the positioning of your hands. You can hold them at your heart, or if you’d like to “grow your tree,” you can start to move your hands upward above your head.
  5. For a bonus challenge, try closing your eyes!

The farther your hands are above your head, the more it’ll challenge your balance. Closing your eyes to take away your visual cues will also challenge your balance further.

Once you’ve mastered the pose, try making the pose we’re doing below with a friend! Don’t forget, trees have pretty good advice for us humans too. ; Thank you to Ilan Shamir and Your True Nature for the poem. 

Liz & Sara

tree pose