Why I Will Never Get Breast Implants


Do I have your attention yet? 😉 Everybody’s got em, but not everybody loves their own.

First, I’d like to state that if you have had a breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons, great! Whatever truly makes you feel better, I say go for it. 

But I also think it’s important to put out into the fitness world another side of the story.

As a trainer and teacher over the last 5 years, I don’t believe enough women talk about their opposing stance in what has become the sexed-up, slippery slide of a soft core porn-esque fitness world we live in today. 

So let me take this opportunity to break down for you the reasons why I personally will never get breast implants, despite my smaller cup size.

Without further adieu, here are the TOP 5 REASONS I will never get breast implants:

  1. I do not want my body to be viewed primarily as a sexual object — I am so much more than just my body. I don’t want to be judged for whether or not I have the “right sized” boobs. I feel personally that if I were to undergo surgery to change the size and shape of my breasts, something inside of me would die a little. Because I am not just my breasts… I am also my brain, my heart, my relationships, my experiences, my biological functions, my spirituality and so much more. Physically altering my body to more closely resemble a superficial & sexed-up societal ideal just doesn’t vibe with me.
  2. I do not want to undergo major surgery because the dangers of surgery are underrated — Breast augmentations are almost always elective, unless there are other medical conditions involved (back problems, pain of some sort, cancers, tumors, etc.). But even elective surgeries are still that — surgeries. There are still risks involved and in some cases, BIG risks. Your doc could botch your new boobs. Something could go wrong where your body rejects the foreign objects you’re inserting into them. There’s always risk of infection, complication, scarring, and in some cases even death. Why would I ever subject my body to these things if it wasn’t absolutely necessary?
  3. I like plyometrics a lot — Let’s be honest here… Jumping + big ol’ boobies = uncomfortable and/or somewhat awkward in some cases. I like to be able to run fast, jump high, turn upside down, twist into tight yoga poses and just generally use my body in ways that wouldn’t feel quite right if I were to add another several inches to my bosom out of nowhere. In addition to that, when a person undergoes surgery, there’s definitely going to be some downtime in which they can’t work out at all. Considering the fact that I love exercise, not just for the aesthetic bonuses it provides but primarily for the endorphins it releases and how great it makes me FEEL, I vote a big fat NO because of this one. I just don’t want to be out of the gym for that long. Es no bueno. 
  4. I am not only satisfied, but incredibly happy with what God gave me — Why should I pick apart my body and change certain parts of it, just because that’s what Photoshop and our societal “norms” have deemed to be “more beautiful?” I feel that every human on this earth is beautiful in their own unique way. I would rather focus on the beauty within each of us rather than modify the fading external physical attributes I’ve inherited in the time here between my birth and death. So here’s a thought… Instead of picking apart what we DON’T like about ourselves, why don’t we just focus on the things we DO like? Like a welcoming smile, a warm heart, great hair, cute freckles or the twinkle in the eye of someone who is truly happy inside? If God wanted us all to be and look the same, why were we all born so different? 
  5. Lastly, I want to set an example for my potential future daughters — One where it is okay to be a real, imperfectly perfect human being. Women are not dolls. Perfection isn’t real. So why does everyone in the fitness industry seem to be so obsessed with looking a certain way? You know what I mean… The perfect hair, the perfect clothes, the perfect body… Seriously, why does any of this matter? I know “fitness” is often centered around looks, or losing a certain number of pounds, or getting a “flat belly” for some people. But this is exactly the reason Sara and I do what we do — to show other women that it doesn’t have to be this way. 
  6. BONUS (yet probably the most important) reason: I just can’t imagine explaining to my grandma that I chopped open my boobs to put in a couple of wiggly gel discs… What would she say across the table at THAT awkward dinner?

Together we can help turn this industry around. My dream is to help other women see the numerous benefits of fitness outside of just the way we each look. Health & fitness enables a clear mind, an energized body and an inner confidence unparalleled by anything else I’ve ever personally experienced.

And the best part? None of this has anything to do with how large or small my boobs are.

So next time you or someone you know is considering going under the knife, read this post again and know that there are millions of real people out there who think you’re beautiful just the way you already are.

<3 Thanks for reading, Liz