Handstand Practice

PIKES ON A STABILITY BALL~ For those of you interested in learning how to handstand, try this great exercise first to help strengthen your core and shoulder girdle to one day be able to “press” into a handstand. This will also help you understand the concept of getting your hips stacked over your shoulders.

Proper form: Lie facedown on a stability ball with both hands on the ground. Walk your hands out, allowing the ball to roll beneath your body until it’s under your shins, so you’re in a push-up position. Exhale and lift your tailbone toward the sky, keeping your legs and back straight. At the top of the movement, your body should look like an inverted V. Try your best to get your hips directly over your shoulders and hold it there contracting your core. Slowly return to the starting position; don’t let your low back sway at the end.

Start with one set of five reps and progress to two sets of 10.