avoid holiday weight gain

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Have you looked at any holiday weight gain statistics lately?

Yikes! Or maybe you’ve just heard the many, many holiday weight gain stories… Welp! Guess what friends!! That time of year is coming up again.  You may be wondering how to avoid holiday weight gain … Gaining weight over the holidays is usually on the minds of women worldwide. This year we’re going to teach you how to avoid winter weight gain and banish bloating once and for all.

First, let’s break down the reason people gain weight over the holidays.

According to several studies, here are the top 3 reasons why women tend to increase their body fat percentage over the winter:

  1. They let hunger strike – During the holiday months, there are cookies, candies, pies, cakes and more around every corner, staring us all right in the wide-eyed, open-mouth drooling face. Adding hunger to the equation can really get us into trouble. What do most people do when they get really hungry? Usually reach for the first thing they see, even if they know it doesn’t match up with their fitness goals. Sound familiar?
    We’ve been there too. That’s why we created the Holiday Survival Guide 50 alternative healthy recipes (refined sugar free, gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein AND low calorie) for you to have on hand this holiday season instead. Those who can successfully keep their hunger at bay with alternative recipes during the winter flood of unhealthy foods find it much easier NOT to overindulge due to having steadier blood sugar levels and an overall feeling of satiety.
    avoid holiday weight gain
  2. They get lazy – The holidays mean we all have a little extra vacation time. It’s totally awesome! Who doesn’t love a little extra time to recharge their batteries? Be careful about exactly how much free time you spend relaxing though. Studies have shown the #2 reason some people increase their body fat percentage over the holidays is due to what we like to call “couch-potato-itis,” also known as excessive lounging without following any structured exercise routine.
    Habitual couch-dwelling creates a feeling of lethargy and being tired because the body’s metabolism has virtually slowed to a crawl during these activities. If you let yourself crash, you may have a hard time getting yourself back on your feet — unless you have a well-designed, structured workout schedule to follow.
  3. They don’t have support – One of the best ways to set yourself up for fat loss success is to get an accountability partner or surround yourself with the right people. Don’t feel like working out? Don’t feel like eating healthy? They will be there to nudge you in the right direction, remind you of your goals, and keep you feeling positive about the commitment you’ve made to your health. You can join the FREE GoStrongGirls.com community any time and join the conversation. We provide trainer-approved workouts, recipes and education as part of membership and anyone can join — basic membership is free! join the strong girls community free As a BONUS, our Holiday Survival Guide also includes a list of vital fitness survival skills for exactly how to navigate the food scene at parties, in the office, at family gatherings, at fundraisers and when you’re completely alone, by yourself. Without these simple strategies, you may find yourself sliding solo down a slippery slope! 


How Not To Binge On Holidays

If you’re experiencing winter weight gain, or wondering what is the winter weight gain reason, it’s simple. Colder temperatures typically lead to less physical activity. Combine that with massive amounts of food in the name of the holidays and we’ve got a recipe for weight loss disaster.  Bloating, constipation, body toxicity and body fat increase are all typical symptoms of poor planning and poor support.  This is pretty much stating the obvious. So how do we battle the bulge during the winter? Let’s start with the first major holiday culprit…


Thanksgiving is an American holiday that almost completely revolves around eating. Regardless of whether this was the original intention for the holiday, it’s just what it’s become in recent years. To help you out in learning how not to binge on Thanksgiving, here are 3 quick trainer tips for tackling your appetite and having a healthy holiday instead:

  1. Make healthier, lower calorie versions of each dish you serve – Our Holiday Survival Guide can help you with this! It contains 50 healthy holiday recipes that are “skinny-fied,” lower calorie, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free alternatives to typical bloat-causing dishes and desserts.
  2. Go for a walk when you wake up, before you eat and before the sun sets  – Walking is so so soooo underrated!! You can reach your goals faster and prevent holiday weight gain simply by taking more regular strolls around the neighboorhood or local indoor mall (if it’s too cold where you live). 
  3. Make Thanksgiving your “Leg Day” – When all else fails, summon up a strong girl’s secret weapon — “Leg Day.” Working the lower body, which includes your largest muscle groups,on the same day that you’re planning to eat a large, carb-loaded meal will help ensure that your body does not store those extra calories, but instead uses them as fuel for the fire.  

Once you’ve done all these things, you may be singing the praises of success! But don’t get too excited, because we’ve got a couple more months to tackle to really come out on top. More holidays are on their way…

How Not To Gain Weight Over the Holidays

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why do I gain weight so fast?” or “Why do I gain weight so easily?” — especially over the holidays — we have something that may help you quite a bit. It’s called your new fitness besties, duh!! 🙂 Get involved in the free GoStrongGirls.com community as soon as possible to start interacting and getting help/support. There is no cost to join, and any woman can get involved to improve herself both physically and mentally through tons of new resources.  GO STRONG-3 This year we’ll also be hosting a FREE 12 Days of Fitness Challenge on December 8-20 where you’ll get free workouts, recipes and more from The Super Sisters! Join the community to get more details so your trainers can help you get and STAY fit all winter long.   

Don’t put your goals off like some other people do every year. We know you are going to make this year the first year that “losing weight” isn’t on your New Year’s resolutions list.
xo your trainers, Liz & Sara The Super Sisters