intense cardio workout

Intense Cardio Workout | 15-min Cardio Core Workout at Home

Intense Cardio Workout at Home

intense cardio workout

Looking for an intense cardio workout challenge? Good!

This bodyweight cardio workout will leave you a sweaty mess without you even having to step foot out of the house!

Try the following 15-min. Cardio Core Workout from anywhere, no equipment necessary. Just your bodyweight will be used in a series of CFMs, or Compound Functional Movements.

What Are Compound Functional Movements (CFMs)?

CFMs are based on natural, functional calisthenic movements. They focus on full range of motion using primary, secondary, and stabilizer muscle groups all at once to build functional strength, prevent injury and increase mobility.

In other words, CFMs deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Today’s exercise circuit is designed with CFMs in mind and aims to target both large and small muscle groups in your entire body. This will help you lift, tone and strengthen your body while burning more body fat at the same time.

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Burn calories and work up a sweat with these CFM-based cardio core workouts.

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