Arm Sculpting with Dumbbells

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Oh, hi! Here’s today’s workout challenge. Like or share if you have dumbbells at home and are ready to GO! 2-3 sets:

12 Tricep Kickbacks
10 Deadlift Kickbacks
10 Anterior Shoulder Raise
15 Reverse Flyes
15 Bent Over Rows

Make sure to do a proper warmup before you begin and always keep the core engaged, back flat and shoulder blades back & down in any bent over exercise. Don’t ever hunch your shoulders and protect your low back by lifting with the legs in your deadlifts. Tag a buddy below and get your workout grind on this morning. xo For more weekly workout challenges and clean eating recipes, enter your email at Super easy and super useful! Let us help you stay on track with your fitness goals. ☺️