#workoutwednesday Bodyweight Plank Circuit Workout

Tone your shoulders and abs with this bodyweight plank circuit workout. No equipment required, you can do this at home or at the gym! Just get ready to feel the burn, especially in your shoulders and obliques.

Bodyweight Plank Circuit Workout

  • 9 rep tummy tuck sequence: leg extension with ab tuck + leg extension with army crawl pushups (both sides) 
  • 10 leg extensions with ab tucks
  • 10 army crawl pushups (5 on each side)
  • 9 plank tuck + straddle

This total body workout moves you through 4 functional exercise sequences. It’s a total body blast!

Make sure in your plank your shoulders are stacked, hips are level, pelvis is tucked, abs are in, and gaze is on the floor. 

If you enjoyed this workout routine, come back next Wednesday for more! 🙂 


Your Trainers,

Liz & Sara