Strong > Skinny

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Ladies, here’s our philosophy… Strong > Skinny!! It feels so much better to be healthy, fit and functional than it does to feel like you’re starving yourself or running yourself into the ground to fit into a size zero pair of pants.

We went the “skinny” route and it sucked, we didn’t ever eat, we felt guilty over having “cheat meals”, had knee and hip injuries from running like crazy people, and always felt tired and unfocused.

Now that we strength train regularly instead, we basically eat whatever we want, have loads of energy, no injuries, and have taken the word “cheat” out of our vocabulary. 

Find a strong, healthy approach to health & fitness that works for YOU, both mentally and physically. If you feel bad about yourself or tired all the time, maybe your body is trying to tell you something.

Listen to it and try something new. Lift heavy weights and get a solid support system. We’re here for you and can help you learn how. 

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PS Please don’t try this unless you are VERY experienced with strength training and lifting HEAVY on your barbell squats and deadlifts. Strong > Skinny, but also Smart > Silly & Injured. 😉