Dorm Room Workout

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Dorm Room Workout | No Equipment Needed!

Dorm Room Workout

What Is A Dorm Room Workout?

You could say a “dorm room” workout really applies to any workout you can do even if you have A) limited space, B) limited time, or C) limited equipment or no equipment. 

Looking for a simple dorm room workout you can do anywhere, any time? 

Look no further!

This simple bodyweight circuit can be completed 3-5 times through for a total body burn in the comfort of your own dormitory sanctuary (or wherever you’re doing this tight space workout). 

Read the following form instructions to ensure you’re being safe and performing each exercise with great form…



Lying on your back in the supine position, reach your hands up overhead (or straight down by your sides for a more beginner modification), lift your chest and chin, and keep your lower back pressing on the floor. 

Straighten the legs and point the toes, keeping the legs squeezing together. Raise your feet in the air at the same time you reach your hands towards your feet to create a capital letter “V” shape with your body. 

To modify: If this full V-Up is too challenging for now, you can bend your knees instead of holding straight legs. 



Starting in a tabletop position with your hips lifted, glutes engaged, gaze directed upwards and fingers pointing towards your feet, scoop the hips backwards as you press the floor away strong through the palms. 

Bring your hips as far back behind your hands as you can without moving the feet. Pull your lower abs in and see if you can make it all the way to an elevated “sitting” position in the air (forming a 90 degree angle at the hips).

To modify: Only go as far back with the hips as you can and if your hips hit the floor, as long as you’re really pressing the palms down and squeezing the abs in, that is okay. 


In & Outs

In a seated position, lean back as you reach the arms out to your sides, point your toes with straight legs and squeeze your bellybutton in towards your spine. Keep your chest lifted and core strong. 

Using your abdominal muscles, sit up lifting the chest towards the legs at the same time the legs bend in towards the chest. Keep squeezing the bellybutton in towards the spine and maintain a tall, strong posture (do not round your shoulders forward). 

To modify: Place the hands directly outside of the hips for added support as you kick the legs in and out. 


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