Total Body Push/Pull Workout

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This “push-pull” workout will leave you totally breathless, I promise. Work your entire body functionally by doing the following routine today… *TOTAL BODY*
AMRAP Pullups
10-15 Pushups
AMRAP Pullups w/ Band
30 Elevated Plank Tucks

This workout targets your chest, core, back, and arms. I stopped doing wide grip and overhand grip pull-ups last year when I went to try on a summer dress and my lats were bursting out of the seams! These exercises will chisel you like crazy, but I was doing like 10-20 reps every few days to get to that point, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner.

Pullups are one of the BEST total body exercises you can do. In elementary school, I used to hope and pray and wish that I could get just one chin-up in our gym class. 
I never did. I never thought I would be able to either. But now I love pull-ups, even though I only do neutral grip. Neutral grip is easiest too, and allows you to work on your biceps at the same time. What’s your favorite pull-up grip?
PS AMRAP means as many reps as possible. Use a band if you need assistance — DO NOT USE THE MACHINES.