Yoga Essentials: Manduka Yoga Mat & Yogitoes, Blooming Lotus Jewelry Mala & fav Lululemon tank

Just sayin’…. who doesn’t want to look uber cute when going to the gym or a yoga class?

Since I pretty much live in workout clothes 24/7, it’s important to not only feel good in your clothes but look good if ya know what I’m sayin’. 

If you bum around all day in frumpy workout gear, you usually feel pretty frumpy.

That’s why we love Glyder Apparel for cheaper, high quality workout clothing.

But, once and awhile we treat ourselves to something at Lululemon. I am absolutely obsessed with this tank from Lululemon (it’s on sale now so grab it before it’s gone!).


It has an ultra cute neck line and cut out in the back. It’s great for a sweaty workout or class because it allows for some fresh air.

No joke, I’ve been wearing this tank pretty much every day since I got it…. yep, that’s kinda embarrassing but totally true. It’s just so perfect for yoga classes it’s not even funny. 

Another thing I wear literally every day – my Blooming Lotus Jewelry Mala.  

Seriously. IN. LOVE.


I can’t say enough good things about this necklace. Handmade. Totally beautiful. Completely me.

Not only that, but Jenn, the owner, is a complete sweetheart and everything comes in the cutest pouch with info about every bead used in the mala and it’s healing properties.


“Sandalwood promotes humility and its scent is believed to aid and maintain a person’s alertness while meditating.”

And, not to be weird, but the sandalwood beads smell ah-MAZE-balls! Seriously, my mom kept catching me sniffing it all the time when I first got it. It’s super soothing and relaxing.

Last but not least is my favorite yoga mat. I love my manduka mat. It’s thick (great for your knees if you’re on a hard surface), totally durable and has a lifetime guarantee.

Honestly, it took me awhile to make the investment to buy one since they are pretty pricey, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. You’ll never have to buy another yoga mat again.


If you’re like me and get pretty sweaty, then you might want to think about grabbing a yogitoes towel as well because sweat + yoga mat = slip and slide.

Just keepin’ it real. I sweat a lot when I’m in a yoga class, so a yoga towel makes all the difference.

What are your favorite workout & yoga essentials?

Let me know what you think or if this gives you some great gift ideas for your loved ones and friends this holiday season.