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Stretching Exercises for your Stretching Routine

Do you stretch pre- and post-workout?

Did you know a flexible muscle has more strength potential?


Here are some tips and stretching exercises to add into your stretching routine. Never stretch cold muscles. Always do a 3-5 minute dynamic warmup before you start stretching. A good rule of thumb is to always feel “comfortably uncomfortable” in your stretches. Push yourself, but not too much. Make sure you stretch both sides evenly! Here’s a good warmup routine to try: 10 side lunges, 20 squats, 10 pushups, 1 minute plank


Once complete, follow it up by holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds: hamstring, quad, glutes, calves, shoulders, upper back, and chest stretches. Then, try laying down and inhaling/exhaling deeply for 5 breaths.

Optional: Sit with your hips against the wall, feet up on the wall as you breath. Press your low back into the floor and relax your muscles.

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