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10 Life Hacks to Stay Fit While Traveling | Stay Fit Travel Tips

We’re going to Japan!

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– How I Stay Fit During Travel –

This post is sponsored by Danskin Now. All opinions are our own.

I randomly bought a ticket to Japan about a month or so ago, just totally on a whim. I had no idea that a couple weeks later my sister would be calling me to say she booked a ticket too!

Wow, what a great surprise!

I have NO words for the excitement coursing through my veins as I type up this blog post. I cannot wait to step foot off the plane and let the magical wonders of a new foreign country sweep me off my feet as I fully immerse my mind, body and soul deep into another culture.

Now, traveling is not always easy. Sometimes it can be downright tough, especially if you’re trying to stay healthy while you’re on-the-go.

It’s a lot of work lugging yourself (and all your stuff) all the way around the world, not to mention trying to find healthy nutritious foods when you can’t even read the words on the menu.

Today I’m going to share with you just a couple of the little life hacks I’ve discovered to make your fitness & nutrition routines much easier to maintain while you’re on the road (or just live a very busy, active lifestyle).

I hope you enjoy these lifesaving tips I’ve learned along the way as a fit blogger-on-the-go.

Bon voyage!

10 Life Hacks to Stay Fit While Traveling

1. Pack Your Own Healthy Snacks!

Every trip I go on (and I mean every trip), I always bring my own healthy snacks. I keep them in my carry-on bag. Always. No exceptions. Why? Because I know without a shadow of a doubt that by the time I am deep in the travel experience, I’m going to get hungry. It’s inevitable. It happens every… Single. Time.

So I stay prepared! Throw a couple healthy protein bars in your bag (my fav are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars, pictured above), or bring a Ziploc baggy of almonds and some fruit with you to snack on if needed.

Just be careful about bringing some fruit with you to other countries — customs agents won’t let you bring it in the country, so you’ll just have to eat it before you land or toss it before you arrive.

2. Move & Stretch in the Airports

This is sometimes a little awkward, but trust me, it makes a huge difference! HUGE! If you’re sitting in a chair all day, I guarantee you’re going to feel sluggish, tired and achy at the end of the day if you don’t move and stretch in the airports.

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Every time you find yourself waiting to land, to board, to do anything really… Get up and do a few stretches! Add in some dynamic movements like arm swings and half squats to increase your circulation and loosen up stiff joints.

Forearm StandIf you’re feeling really frisky, throw in an arm balance or inversion like Sara did in the picture above! You’ll meet new people this way too, guaranteed. 😉

3. Use Good Form While Lifting Your Bagshow to squat

You definitely don’t want to throw your back out before you even touch down to wherever you’re headed. So be super careful while lifting bags, especially when they’re heavy.


Always engage your core while lifting bags, and lift with your legs – NOT your back. How do you engage your core? Pretend you’re coughing — see how that tenses up your middle section? Just do that. 🙂

4. Create Lumbar Support

This a serious life hack that I don’t usually share with people, unless they’re my family sitting right next to me. But I swear, this is probably the best hack on this list and it will spare you tons of aches and pains.

Roll up a sweater and put it behind your lower back between your body and the seat for the duration of your flight. Don’t have a sweater? Ask the flight attendant for a blanket and use that instead.

Try it, I promise this one will change your whole experience of travel!! Such a lifesaver and having that lumbar support will truly make a world of difference.

5. Pack Activewear!

I always always alwayyyys bring activewear with me when traveling. I’m usually actually wearing activewear on the day of travel too!liz-standing danskin now

Recently my bag has been packed with lots of different Danskin styles, especially their leggings.

I like Danskin because it’s affordable, comfortable and flexible so I can sit in whatever position I end up in over long boring flights (which is usually legs crossed or stretched out fully in front of me!).

Here’s just of the activewear outfits I’m bringing with me on our trip to Japan. Click any of the images to find out where you can get more styles like this from Danskin:

liz-sitting-smile danskin now

6. Wear the Right Shoes

This is a BIG one! You need, need, neeeeeed the right footwear for travel — especially internationally. I was in Peru once and got totally sideswiped by being unprepared. I packed combat boots because I thought they were “cute” — and boy, did I regret it the next day.

I ended up hiking up a huge mountain across from Machu Picchu, and by the end of that hike, I had so many blisters I could barely stand! Make sure you pack and wear comfy, supportive and well-fitting shoes or get ready to pay the price.

This time I’ll be bringing my black Nike Frees 5.0 (pictured below) — If you want your own pair, just click the image to buy some now.

7. Don’t Be Embarrassed of Moving Your Bodyliz-smile danskin now

I’ve been there… It’s sometimes a little awkward to just start stretching your low back and hips in the middle of a crowded city street or airport. Especially in a foreign country where you’re not sure of the local etiquette!

I will never forget the first time I was in a tiny backstreet alley somewhere in Bangkok, Thailand wearing super tight Lululemon pants and feeling the need to start jogging. People sitting on street corners were looking at me like I had light sabers coming out of my nostrils or something and I felt SO out of place!

The cool part about traveling though? You’ll never see these people again in your life. So why let them make you feel weird about taking care of your body? Just do it anyway. 🙂

8. Utilize Your Own Bodyweight for Exercise

You don’t need anything to workout. No, really! You have a built-in gymnasium right at your fingertips… literally. It’s called your own body. 🙂

Chances are if you’re a full grown adult, you weigh over 100 lbs. That’s a lot of weight to move around on any given day. While traveling, just utilize it! Learn to use Compound Functional Movements to get the most out of your portable workouts.

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9. Stay Super Hydrated

This one is VERY important. You have to — HAVE TO — stay hydrated while you’re traveling. It is not an option, it is mandatory. While traveling, you’re often walking longer distances, moving more, and just generally being much more active than you typically would during the normal “work week,” so keep in mind for all this added activity you need added hydration.

I like to bring a portable water bottle that collapses for easy packing. I found this Platypus one at REI and even though it looks like an I.V. drip from a hospital, it really is a lifesaver!

I highly recommend these to every traveler. You can roll it up and put it in your bag when it’s empty, then easily refill at water fountains when you can. You save money and don’t waste plastic bottles!

10. Don’t Forget to Have FUN!

Listen, you’re traveling!! ENJOY YOURSELF! 🙂

Part of why we train year-round is so that on trips like this, we can let loose and enjoy the local cuisines and culture to the fullest.

If you’re on track most of the time, it’s okay to relax and have fun while you’re traveling. Just know that having too much fun can mean you won’t be as energized or motivated to go explore the next day, so focus on finding yourself a good healthy balance.

Keep your routine going as much as you can, but make sure you have a blast too!