3 Benefits of Strength Training

3 reasons why resistance training is important:

1. Strength training protects bone and muscle mass:

As you age, you begin to lose 1% of your muscle strength every year if you’re not regularly strength training. Resistance training will increase your lean body mass (muscle). Strength training also increases bone density and the structural integrity of your body parts, not to mention improves the function of all internal systems (cardiovascular, digestive, pulmonary, thermoregulatory, circulatory, etc).

2. It makes you stronger, helping to prevent injury!

We are constantly picking and lifting things up, and this is where strength training becomes applicable in the real world. Stronger muscles help take the strain off the joints, ligaments and tendons, allowing for more stable, solid biomechanics.

Remember that you need at least 24-48 hours of recovery after a resistance training workout – work different muscles on alternating days. Always remember to do a dynamic warm-up before exercise and a allow yourself time for a nice cool-down and stretch after.

3. It boosts your energy and mood:

Have you ever finished a workout and felt horrible? Didn’t think so! When you strength train, you automatically boost the amount of endorphins in your brain, which produces a “feel good” sensation. Strength training has also been shown to alleviate signs of depression as well as to help individuals sleep better. And isn’t that what we all want? To sleep like a baby again… 😉


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