Funfetti Cake Recipe in Cake Cones! | Healthy Dessert Recipe

In celebration of a 3 day weekend (oh yeah!), we’re throwing it back to one of our favorites…

Funfetti Cake Cones!

This recipe is actually pretty simple, but looks like you spent a long time whipping these up in the kitchen.

Trust us, people will go head over heels cray cray if you show up to a party with these bad boys in hand. 

The best part… this is actually a healthy dessert recipe! 

And it’s surprisingly really easy to make a healthier version of funfetti cake… but of course the calories/sugar from the sprinkles don’t count 😉

We definitely aren’t food nazis over here –  the addition of sprinkles adds a really negligible amount of calories. So please, don’t worry about it!

I mean come on… live a little! Sprinkles are awesome 😉

If you are worried… This funfetti cake recipe with the addition of a cone is only 50 calories!

Now we’re talkin! We’re here to let you know you can definitely have your cake and eat it too this weekend. 

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Creating healthy recipes of your favorite foods so you can ENJOY life and the foods you like. 

Enjoy this recipe with friends and family this weekend and enjoy your time off. Heck, maybe you’ll even be “crazy” enough to eat TWO!

Get the recipe here!


Sara & Liz


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