Cucumbers & Ladybugs Tomatoes! :)

This is such a cute, easy way to make eating veggies more entertaining! Warning though, it does take some extra time and steady hands.

However, if you can devote an extra ten minutes in the kitchen, your kids will definitely bestow upon you the “coolest mom ever” award. So give it a shot! 

There’s no real “recipe for this, just chop up your favorite veggies, spread them on a plate, dab some hummus down in the middle and add your cute little cherry tomato ladybugs on top, perfect for your picnic centerpiece.

To make the ladybugs, take a sheet of nori (the Japanese word for edible seaweed, usually flattened out into sheets — it can be found at any health food store or Asian market) and simply cut out a few small circles for the dots and a bigger piece for the head. You’ll want to leave a little bit on the corners that you can twist up into small antennae. 

Wet the back of the seaweed until it becomes soft, then wrap it around the dry tomatoes. It should stick pretty easily. Let it dry, and that’s it!

You’re ready to head down Ladybug Lane.