Square Bars Review

We’re always on the search for healthy on-the-go options since we know many of you work full-time, take care of your family, have hobbies plus you’re trying to exercise AND eat well. That’s a lot on anyone’s plate so sometimes you may find yourself too busy to find time to meal prep and you’re hungry.

Keeping a protein bar in your backpack, glove box of your car or desk drawer can help you resist the urge to go for a less healthy option from the vending machine or break room at work. 

Protein bars are often loaded with sugar, chemicals, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Yuck! We want you to fuel your body with the best food possible, so that’s why we recommend making your own protein bars. Square Bars are a great choice if you’re short on time, traveling or just want to keep some emergency snacks on hand.  We love that Square Bars are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, certified organic and contain only  natural ingredients. They are covered in a delicious dark chocolate (made with real cacao!), contain whole grain brown rice protein (great for you vegans out there!), and are free of refined & processed sugars. Wondering what flavor to try? Honestly, we love them all! 


210 Calories

10 g Fat

19 g Carbs

2 g Fiber

12 g protein

You can find Square Bar online at squarebar.com. Use promo code: “gosupersisters” at checkout for $5 off PLUS free shipping!