how to do splits

How To Do The Splits FAST - In 3 Easy Steps

Y'all! This short "How To Do The Splits" 2-part video series…
7 min Booty Builder workout

🍑 7 min. Booty Builder Workout - Best Butt Workout for Women! 🍑

Want to Build A Booty? Without leaving your living room? Cool,…
Beginner bodyweight workout

Beginner Bodyweight Workout & An Easy Post-Workout Meal Idea

Home Workout Challenge Beginner Bodyweight Workout at Home…
justin bieber what do you mean squat challenge
best exercises for glutes

BEST Exercise for Butt -- Build the Booty in 3 Moves w/ Squat Free Weights

What is the best exercise for the glutes? Great question. Here's…
thigh toning workout

Lean Legs Circuit Workout

Want to slim down your lower body and sculpt strong, sexy…

Throwback Thurs

I'm going through old photos and videos trying to get rid of…

Upper & Lower Body Routines -- Quick Reference Guide

Feel free to add weight to any of these exercises to increase…

Monday's Challenge

When you're finished, go ahead and give yourself a high five…

Today's Workout Challenge!

Today's challenge! Bowling lunges with bicep curls: add 5 sets…