How to Fix Diastasis Recti Naturally without Surgery

with Jessica Joy

Are you noticing an ab separation problem after giving birth? That’s what we call Diastatis Recti and it is very common among pregnant women. Well, guess what? We might have a solution for you ladies! Today we’re talking about HOW TO HEAL DIASTASIS RECTI with Jessica Joy.

No SURGERY needed! Sit tight and prepare to give these tips a try!

  1. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR – Every body is different, your doctor is an expert in postpartum woman so please be in communication with him/her so that you can be doing the right thing. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  2. MAINTAIN PROPER POSTURE – How you are holding your body, whether you’re sitting or standing throughout the day, is going to determined if your Diastasis can heal. What happens so often is women hunched over and their Diastasis is open or their hips are forward and it’s opening their Diastasis and although they may be doing Diastasis Recti exercises they’re supposed to be doing because how their posture is, it’s preventing that Diastasis from healing. So, let’s talk about the common ones. First, hips forward but what’s happening is that hips forward and then imagine your abs kind of like a zipper and it’s like opening that zipper. So if you’re having pressure on your tummy all day whenever you’re standing wherever you’re at, you’re countering all the work that you’re doing and the exercises that you’re doing. Here’s what to you want to do, imagine your hips are like a bowl and you want to make sure it’s not gonna spill. Tip your hips to make your ‘bowl’ level your pelvis, make sure to tuck your hips under when walking around. Second, hunching over which is very common especially when you’re tired. The tip is imagine a string from your pubic bone to the crown of your head, and just pulling it all up, tilting your rib forward to avoid pressure in your tummy. Don’t over correct as well.
  3. PROPER BREATHING – There’s two things I want you to focus on, one if making sure you’re getting a full diaphragmatic breathe so making sure that you’re not just breathing in your chest but breathing in deeper but the problem is often we say deep belly breathe and all the air get shoot out like shot out to front of the belly resulting to opening the Diastasis. So you want to be thinking 360 degree breathe. A great way to practice this is when you’re driving. Have a good posture and when you breathe try to expand your back by pushing it back into the seat and also check your ribs throughout the day if it’s expanding because it can help you develop your 360 degree breathe.

That’s all, ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR & GET MORE RESOURCES. These 3 steps will allow your body to be healing all day long!