Women’s Chest Workout At Home:”Increase Breast Size?!”

with SSF

Hey girls, want to increase breast size?! This women’s chest workout, which is part of the 7-minute Workout Series, will help lift and firm your chest at home. Try this chest workout for beginners full of exercises for the chest.

In this workout, I’ll be using a bench (but you can also do it on the floor), a heavy set of dumbbells (8 and 10 lbs.) so that you’ll have a variation for the different sets of workout. First, make sure to do a quick 2-5 mins. warm up, especially for the upper body (i.e. shoulder rolls, criss cross arms). For this workout, we’ll be doing 5 exercises, 1min. each exercise with 30sec. of rest in between and if you repeat these 3 to 4 rounds, you’ll be having a total of 20-30mins. workout.

Let’s get started!

  1. Chest Press – Grab your dumbbells and slowly lean back on the bench while holding your dumbbells close to your chest, and your feet flat on the floor or feet up on the bench. Push the dumbbells up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders. Then lower the dumbbells down, which are directly to your chest,  until your elbows are slightly below your shoulders. Roll your shoulder blades back and down, like you’re pinching them together and focusing attention to your chest. Exhale when pushing up, inhale when lowering down.
  2. Chest Fly – Lean back on the bench and hold dumbbells straight up above chest. Slightly bend your elbow, and slowly open arms wide out to the side. Squeeze your chest as you bring the weights back together at the top. 
  3. Bench Push-ups – You can move your bench for this exercise if you want. Start by placing your hand on the edge of the bench and hold your torso up at arms length while your toes are on the floor. Slowly lower yourself, pushing down until your chest reaches the bench. Then slowly push your upper body up, back to the starting position.                                                                                                                                             
  4. Push-ups – Move to a push up position, but use your knees as support. This helps build the strength in your chest. Place your hands at a shoulder level and a little wider than your core/ribs. Press up and bend your elbows until they’re at a 90-degree angle. Then slowly press down, maintaining your knees closed and on the floor.                                         
  5. Wide Push-ups – Same position with no. 4 exercise, using your knees as support, but with your hands wide apart. Start by lowering your chest to the floor, then slowly pressing your upper body up, back to the starting position.                                                  

After that, let’s move in to the stretches. Inhale, while clasping your hands in the back. Reach your palms down toward your tailbone, pulling your shoulders down aways from your ears and opening up the chest/shoulders. Then gently release the grip, shake and do a couple of wrist exercises.

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