Core Circuit with Stability Ball

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This circuit not only works your entire core, but will also help you build shoulder strength and stability since most of these moves involve a strong plank.

In particular, planks on a stability ball can help build shoulder stability by working the small, often ignored stabilizer muscles of the shoulder.

When you perform this exercise, “wobble around” on the ball but maintain full control. If you don’t feel like you’re in total control or this puts any strain on your wrists, drop down into forearm plank and simply hold that instead.

If you’re in full plank, move the ball side to side, up and down, draw circles both ways, etc. and keep your shoulder blades retracted, back and down with your earlobes as FAR AWAY from your shoulders as possible (extend and lengthen your spine, don’t hunch your shoulders).

This move may not look like much, but done correctly, it’s incredibly effective. This was one of the exercises I had to do during 11 months of physical therapy for a torn shoulder labrum after a T-bone car accident I was in last year.

My shoulders are stronger than ever now. The shoulder is by nature the most unstable joint in the body, so take care of yours and they’ll take care of you!