workout love!

Workout Inspiration and Our Biggest “Why”

This is really scary for me.

I’m going to share something very personal. It took me a long time to realize this, so I hope this message helps someone else out there who may be struggling currently. 

When I first started getting into exercise, I did it the complete wrong way. I ran 5-7 miles every day, stopped eating (I would only eat things like baby carrots and every once in a while I’d treat myself to a frozen lime bar), and shamed myself every day for not being skinny enough. 
I told myself that “I didn’t deserve to eat.” 
It wasn’t until I learned about strength training that I was able to overcome these mental and physical barriers I’d set for myself. I truly feel that strength training saved me. 
So when my sister and I post workouts or host free challenges like the #leanhalloween one, please know that it’s not just for funsies. It’s because we find joy in helping others overcome internal battles. It’s because we want to help you find your own personal workout inspiration. 
We live to build communities around empowerment. We want to see more and more women to uplift and support one another, despite whatever internal battles they each may be facing. 
If you have done one of our challenges before, you already know how great the support it. It’s by far the best part! I cannot tell you how incredible it is to switch your mindset towards health and away from looking a certain way. THAT is what our challenges are about. 
Life is just better when you love your body for all it does for you. We can help you find that in yourself. 
Consider joining us for the next free 30-day challenge, because it could change your life. 
Happy Monday all you beautiful people! Here’s to your health and success!! 🙂
xo Liz