Plyo HIIT at Home

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show your body some love today with this quick little HIIT workout!

<3 Twenty 180 Jump Squats
<3 30 sec Knee Drives (right leg)
<3 30 sec Knee Drives (left leg)
<3 2 min Jump Rope

Recover ✅ Repeat for 4 rounds

Plyo is great for fat burning (as are most high intensity, short duration exercises), but if jumping is ~not for you~ due to any type of pain or prior injuries, simply replace the jumping movements with stepping and take your squats deeper/lift the knees higher/add arm extensions (overhead) to any movement you can.

✅Good form is always KEY! Remember in any jump movement to maintain soft landings and absorb the impact gently through the balls of your feet. Your landings should be a toe-to-heel movement.

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