Healthy Pre and Post Workout Meals

Happy Workout Wednesday!

In preparation for our free #leanhalloween challenge we’re doing something a little different for our video this week and answering one of the questions we receive from you the most:

What should I eat before and after a workout? What are some good pre and post workout meals? 



There are SO MANY articles out there you can read which tell you it’s best to eat X number of carbs & proteins X minutes before and after, but the truth is that unless you are a high performance athlete most of these recommendations are not necessary to help you reach your fitness goals. 
So instead of focusing on the macros and calorie counting, here are some simple ideas for pre & post workout meals. 

Before You Exercise

When:  Exercising with a full stomach may cause an upset stomach, cramping and even nausea.  It’s important to give yourself at least 30 minutes to 1 hour between eating and exercising. 
What:  Fruit is our #1 choice for a pre-workout pick-me-up. Eating fruits like Bananas, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Peaches and Blueberries not only provide needed energy but are also hydrating.  Feel free to mix in steel cut oats for additional complex carbs if you need sustained energy (great for long endurance workouts). 

After You Exercise

When:  It’s not really important for the average person to eat at any specific time after a workout. All you need to worry about is that you eat when you’re hungry. There are several studies out there that disprove that certain “time windows” are better than others for eating post-workout so we recommend simply listening to your own body.
What:  Depending on the time of day you exercise this could be your second breakfast or maybe your dinner.  Make sure you also rehydrate by drinking plenty of water after your workout in addition to your regular daily intake. 
Quick & Easy Meal Replacement:  Shakeology is a great way to get the necessary calories as well as a full days worth of vitamins and minerals.  Take a scoop with you in a shaker cup to mix with water or try Sara’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Recipe.