Proper Squat Form

The squat is one of the most effective functional exercises there is. The perfect choice for strengthening core, glute, leg and back muscles, properly performed squats are among our favorite exercises and are especially great for sculpting the back side. Proper form is extremely important for safety and injury prevention, and if you experience knee pain while squatting, chances are your form is incorrect.

Follow these basic cues we give our clients for how to perform an air squat correctly. Feet should be slightly wider than hip-width. Never let the knees pass the toes, the heels leave the ground, the belly button flop, the chest face the ground or the glutes get lazy! When you press up out of your squat, drive through your heels and make sure the knees don’t cave inward (pretend there’s a slight pressure outward which will actually help you activate your medial glutes).

Remember to go for full hip extension at the top by continuing to squeeze those glutes til you’re standing vertically and most importantly, always engage the core from the inside out! Happy squatting!!!