How to Deal with Negative Thoughts and Being Unmotivated


Feeding into those feelings is not only perpetuating your own problem, it’s also justifying other people’s personal inaction too. It’s a spiraling snowball, a big waste of everyone’s time and energy.

You have to CHANGE your fundamental mindset so that when you feel that way, you immediately TAKE ACTION and do something about it. You don’t sit and think about it. You don’t beat yourself up. You don’t dwell. Taking action is the ONLY way I’ve ever seen people actually change. 

Reframe the situation. Focus only on the positive, the inspiring, the things that are REALLY worth your time. Become obsessed with success, then fake it til you make it. 

We all have a choice, in every second of every day, about how we see every situation and perceive ourselves overall. If you sit around thinking, “I don’t want to do this,” then YES you are GOING TO BE unmotivated.

But if you snap out of it & force yourself to think “I’m doing a great job. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better,” then YES, every day YOU WILL BE GETTING BETTER.

You have to be ready to let the negativity go. No one is going to do the work for you. No one can change your thoughts but YOU and all this time, for all these years, YOU’VE been knocking YOURSELF down.

It’s time to stop. 

Choose to THINK differently. Reframe your situation. Look at the positive side — at least you CAN move, at least you’re not in the hospital, at least you can read, have a roof over your head, and are a healthy, vibrant and cared for human being. 

FORCE positive thoughts into your brain, over and over, over and over, every single day, over and over… See all the successes you’ve had and refuse to see slip ups or missteps as failures.

All your missteps MAKE YOU STRONGER, but only if you let them, and CHOOSE to see them as opportunities for growth.

Do this and I promise you can have anything you want, do anything you want, and be anyone you want in life.

But it all depends first on your choice of thoughts. And it starts now.

It’s Monday. New week, new start. Go get it