why should i foam roll

What Is A Foam Roller and Why Should I Use It?

FOAM ROLLERS: Love them or hate them?

What is a foam roller? Read this post to find out… 

Foam rollers help with myofascial release, a soft tissue therapy used to alleviate and prevent muscle immobility and pain. We’ve outlined more ideas and facts about foam rolling below!

why should i foam roll

While strength training, you should be utilizing myofascial release techniques regularly to encourage faster recovery times and prevent injury during training. Add in at least 5-10 minutes of this each day in addition to your normal stretching routine!

Myofascial release is essentially a technique of self massage to work out “kinks” or “knots” in the muscles caused by metabolic waste buildup. It should be performed several times per week if not daily. 
While strength training using a program like the Bikini Bootcamp plans, the body can get very tight and rigid. It’s vital to stretch and massage in order to keep your joints, connective tissues, muscles and fascia loose and limber so you don’t get hurt.
Stretching and releasing tension with myofascial release techniques will help you continue improving, progressing, toning and strengthening without having to stop or take days off due to stiffness or soreness.
It will help keep your body in overall tip-top shape!
You can perform myofascial release techniques using a foam roller, your own fingers or palms, a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, PVC pipe, a sturdy water bottle or basically anything that rolls or will apply steady, even pressure.
Make sure to also stay hydrated so your body can flush itself out of any toxin buildup from the metabolic process. Your body also needs H2O to burn fat, so drink up!

Hope this helps. Stay strong girls!
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