Outer Thigh Workout for Women | 7 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

Outer Thigh Workout for Women

By Super Sister Fitness

Today’s 7-minute at-home workout circuit is all about the outer thighs!

In this short workout, we will sculpt and tone your legs, plus you’ll learn how to target the outer thighs and get your sweat on with today’s routine.

You can “Mix & Match” this workout with the other workouts in the 7-minute series over on YouTube, or just repeat 2-4 rounds of this for a full 20-30 minute session at home today. This is an especially great workout for women because it’s important that we keep our lower bodies strong, lean and functional.

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Watch the video below, or check out the end of this post for a full-scale breakdown of each exercise.

7 Minute Outer Thigh Workout for Women

After completing a 3-5 minute dynamic warmup, you can repeat 1-4 rounds of the following circuit.

1. Lateral Raise

For the lateral leg raise, you’ll shift your weight to one side, then flex your foot and slowly raise and lower your leg straight out to the side. Complete 30 seconds on one side before switching to the other leg. Make sure you find your balance and engage your core before you begin. You can use a chair or wall as support if needed.

2. Walking Raise

For the walking raise, we will repeat the same lateral leg raise motion, but we’ll add in a lateral squat in between and alternate the raising leg. So it’ll look  like: Raise-Squat-Raise-Squat, and you’ll be moving slightly side to side as you do these leg lifts.

Make sure you keep your hips and shoulders squared up, your core engaged and your shoulder blades back and down to help support proper posture.

3. Standing Raise

In the standing raise,  you will slowly lower down into a squat and stay put. Maintaining a lower squat will help you to work more of your lower body at once, meaning you will get a more effective overall workout. Make sure you maintain balance and a strong core throughout this phase, and though it is similar to the first exercise in this circuit, what makes this move different is holding a deeper squat in the middle.

4. Fire Hydrants

Coming down onto your hands and knees, for your fire hydrants you’ll want to stack your shoulders over your knuckles and your hips over your knees. Keeping your core engaged and pelvic wall pulling in and up, you’ll slowly raise and lower one bent knee at a time out to the sides, keeping both feet flexed the entire time. Complete 30 seconds of one side before switching to the next.

5. Bridge Clams

Roll over onto your back and press your lower back into the ground, pulling your shoulder blades down away from your ears. Keeping the heels close to your hips, exhale to press your hips up and keep your eyes on the ceiling. You will hold your bridge high throughout the 1-minute, but slowly pressing the knees out to the sides and back in as the exercise. Press your palms down into the mat to help maintain solidity and strength.

Final Stretch

Stick around for the final stretch at the end of the video. Stretching is SUPER important! It will help you prevent injury, increase your strength potential and help your body to rest and recover after today’s sweat session.

Hope you love this! See you guys next week for another workout. Don’t forget to check in with me on IG (@supersisterfitness) when you’re done!!

Love ya lots!

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