Love Handle Workout

Love Handle Workout

This love handle workout is a great way to tone and sculpt your torso, but you cannot “spot reduce” body fat.

You must instead improve your body composition through proper diet and exercise.

Lowering your body fat percentage overall is the only way to see more definition in whichever areas you desire.

If you have any “problem areas,” that just means these are the last places on YOUR body that fat wants to go. There’s nothing wrong with that and you should never let this discourage you.

With that said, if love handles are one of your problem areas this love handle workout will help tone and cinch your midsection.

Remember – no two bodies are created the same.

Every human body on this planet has its own unique genetic code for fat storing, muscle building, metabolic efficiency and the like.

This, in combination with your lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, etc.), age, health and mindset are what determine your overall results.

There are many images and messages in present day media about what each society considers to be the “ideal” female body type.

We firmly believe that all bodies are created equally beautiful and each of you should strive to be the best YOU possible.

Do not compare yourself to others during this program or after it’s over, and never “pick your body apart.” Instead, strive to understand it and honor it for everything it does for you on a day-to-day basis.



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