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Workout Wednesday – Exercises for Abs + Shoulders

OH HEY sisters!

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Since we were moving all last week, today’s video is short and sweet.

We’ll be doing 3 exercises for 4-5 sets, and I’m pretty sure your arms and abs are gonna be J-E-L-L-O by the time we’re done.

Keep reading below for special form cues and modifications for beginners.  


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Corkscrew Plank – x20 each side

Starting in plank position, raise one leg up at a time, then crunch your knee in towards the opposite elbow. For example, on the right side you’ll raise the right leg up, then cross it over to nearly touch the left elbow. 

In plank, make sure you’re using proper plank form. Here is an illustration for you to understand what we mean by that. 😉

how to plank 

BEGINNERS: To modify this first exercise, you can simply break the repetitions up by doing 10 at a time instead of all 20 at once on one side. 

TIP: If you do this, make sure you repeat 2 sets of 10 before moving on to the next exercise. 

Row & Reach – x10 total

Starting again in plank position, use one dumbbell (I’m using 10 lbs) to row in towards your chest as you stack or stagger your feet behind you. Once your feet are firmly planted and your core is strong, only then should you extend your arm up while looking up towards your fingers.

Remember to ALWAYS keep the dumbbell in close to your body, and make sure to move in a slow and controlled fashion. 

BEGINNERS: To modify this exercise, do it with lighter weights or no weight at all. 

TIP: If you don’t use any weight, see if you can repeat x20 reps instead! 

Hip Opener Stretch – 30 second hold

Something you should be doing every day! This is literally one of the best all-time hip stretches there is, and it’ll help you with your squats, deadlifts, posture and so much more. 

Hop your feet in to a full squat position, keeping the hips ultra low by your ankles. Pick up your dumbbell and hold it by the heads of the weight, right snug to your chest (this part helps you ensure you’re using tall, strong posture). 

Without slumping or rounding forward, use your elbows to press your knees back, opening up the hips. Contract all the muscles running down the sides of your spine (your erector spinae) and pull your shoulder blades back and down. 

Hold for 30 seconds or so, long enough to get a good solid stretch. Set the weight down carefully, then come out. 

BEGINNERS: If you cannot get into a full squat position, sit on the floor and do a Butterfly Stretch instead. This will help you work on opening up your hips and preparing them to progress into full range of motion.  

TIP: If you’re doing a butterfly stretch, there is no need for any weight. Just use your elbows to press lightly against the knees, and always stay within a pain-free range of motion. 

Weighted Ab Weave – x30 total

Sitting upright with your torso tilted back at about 45 degrees, pick up one dumbbell 

BEGINNERS: To modify this exercise, use a lighter weight or do not use a weight at all; instead, just tap your hands together under your legs as if you were to have one. You could also try placing your hands on the floor right outside your hips as you bicycle the legs, at least until you become strong enough to sit upright without any assistance during this move. 

TIP: If this exercise causes ANY low back pain at all, do not do it.


Oh, and here is your printable for this routine!

 planksgiving workout


See you next Wednesday for an all-new home workout routine for women!

Your trainer,

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