Fruit + Herb Infused Water Recipes — The Perfect Way to Hydrate!

You guys…

These “recipes” are so easy it’s cray. Find out how to make your own fruit, herb, veggie and citrus infused water recipes below…

3 infused waters

Seriously, all you do is slice up your favorite fruits and veggies, plus take off a sprig or two of any herbs of your choice, and mix them together in a cute mason jar. Leave in the fridge for an hour and that’s it!

You have yourself a refreshing glass of super water for any time of day. 

Play around with the combos. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Watermelon & Roesemary
  • Cucumber & Mint 
  • Lemon, Lime & Stevia (just a couple drops liquid stevia will sweeten this bitter combo enough for it to taste like lemonade! To spice it up even more, try using sparkling water instead of regular tap water)

Some of the benefits of including fruits, veggies, citrus and herbs into your water are that you’re getting bonus essential vitamins & nutrients, plus making your water taste better so you’re more likely to drink your daily allotments to stay hydrated.

More of the specific benefits, you ask? Well lemon has been said to have detoxing properties, helping to cleanse the liver. Limes have been said to be anti-aging and also help aid digestion, rejuvenate skin, and aid in weight loss. And stevia, being a natural plant derivative, is better to include than the usual refined sugars that are added to lemonades. 

Furthermore, watermelon may help prevent kidney disorders, high blood pressure and heart disease while rosemary is said to contain very powerful antioxidants which help prevent aging. All wins here!

cucumber mint waterAnd lastly, cucumber is super hydrating and helps to flush out toxins while mint leaves support digestion by stimulating the salivary glands and activating digestive enzymes. 

So what’s there to lose, besides maybe a few extra lbs. of bloating? Try making a few of these infused waters, great for detoxing and restoring the body to its desired natural, healthy and high-energy state.