Processed Food = Fat Loss Killer

Eliminating processed foods is by far one of the MOST important rules when it comes to fat loss, so let’s elaborate on this a little bit. What are processed foods and how can you avoid them?


The term “processed” applies to many “foods” and “food-like substances.” From boxed, pre-packaged snacks to protein bars to Lean Cuisines, try to avoid anything that was manufactured in a factory. Stick to whole natural foods as much as you can in order to see the best results in relation to health and lowering body fat %.
A good rule of thumb is:
“If it was grown on a plant, eat it.
If it was made in a plant, don’t.”

The bottom line is processed foods are fat loss killers, packed with hidden ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup that are used to sweeten the food and lengthen shelf life. These unnecessary ingredients will literally balloon your body fat up and make it very difficult to get lean until you eliminate them from your diet. The bad news is they are EVERYWHERE these days. The good news is that following this simple rule will help you stay on the clean eating track without obsessing over or excessively thinking about the absence of sugary, salty processed foods:

  • Eat clean, unprocessed foods at least 80% of the time. Cook your own meals and prep your own healthy snacks. Focus on why eating healthy food makes you feel GOOD, and reinforce the acknowledgement of that feeling daily. If you “mess up” one day, don’t obsess over it, just note how it made you feel move on. This happens to everyone, but the people who see the most success in long term fat loss are the ones who learn to focus on how good they feel when they eat healthy foods rather than on mentally “punishing” themselves for making a poor food choice here and there.
Beware of food marketing gimmicks!

Stick to whole, natural organic foods from real plants and animals instead. Click Here to read our 5 Tips for Navigating the Grocery Store. If you are not aware of these tips yet, you NEED to read them because they will help you dramatically in your efforts to avoid processed foods.

 If you want to know more about processed vs. clean foods, we list everything out in our Super System, including foods to load up on and foods to avoid. Learn more about the importance of macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration and a well-balanced diet.