Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Round-Up

It’s that time of year again… GIRL SCOUT COOKIES EVERYWHERE!

Every time we head to the grocery store we see adorable little girls outside trying to persuade us to buy their sugar and trans fat (from partially hydrogenated oil) filled cookies. It’s hard to resist those tempting little cookies we both grew up on, but that’s just one of our no-nos, those cookies have so much junk in them it’s crazy that it’s legal for kids to eat that stuff. We know if we buy a box, it will be eaten within a day or two and who needs to load up on all that processed junk?! Instead, we like to give the girls a few bucks because they’re too cute and tell ’em to keep the cookies because we’re going to make our own.  Check out these healthier recipes for a homemade treat you can enjoy!

Watch our video from last year to see what our favorite girl scout cookies are!


Click on each image below to grab the recipe