Tricep Work

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Today’s exercise challenge: 3 sets of 20 dips! Let us know if you want more targeted muscle groups like this, or if you prefer total body workouts. 🙂

Add these in today, then tag your gym buddy to challenge them too. I dip, you dip, WE DIP!

All you need for this exercise is a chair or bench, you could even do these right at your office cubicle. 😉 Shown are 3 variations for the classic Tricep Dip.

PS Next time I promise to not make the vid blurry and better center myself in it… Lol my bad, this is a low budget production over here ladies!! 😉

Beginners — keep your hips & heels close to the bench, knees bent.

Moderate — Extend your legs, planting your heels out in front of you while keeping your hips close the the bench.

Advanced — Raise one leg at a time for 5 reps at a time, then switch til you complete the set.

Feel free to throw a weight plate on top of your lap for an even MORE difficult variation, but as always maintain proper form throughout each rep. Keep the arms parallel with one another behind you, don’t let them flare out to the sides!

The triceps brachii (more commonly referred to as the “triceps”) is a 3-headed muscle group, responsible for elbow joint extension. Consisting of the long head, medial head and lateral head, it is the antagonist to the biceps on the front of the arm.

Train smart, train safe. Do what you can today and watch the results get better and better!!! Happy dipping!

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