3 CORE MOVES | Core Exercises for FLAT ABS, no equipment

BYE BYE Belly Fat!

Ya’ll, who is ready for a core workout?


Let’s get it! Today’s #SSFsweatsquad workout is all about the core. Try these 3 core moves to help tone, tighten and cinch your waistline.

Make sure you do a 3-5 minute warmup before you get started, then jump in and let me know how it goes!

Today’s workout includes:

  • Windmill Abs
  • Twisting Kick-Thrus
  • Butterfly Situps
  • and shh… a BONUS move? YES

Watch all the way through to the end to give these a shot and get the final bonus move. This will ensure you work your core in every direction necessary.

Don’t skip the cool down either! That’s the best part.

Feel free to repeat this 2-3 times, or just add it to the end of any workout for an added core challenge. And don’t forget to check in with me over on Instagram.


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