Top 5 Booty Sculpting Moves

Happy Workout Wednesday!! YAY! We finally made it out to the beach to film an all-new full length workout routine for you. If you enjoy this routine and want more like it, make sure to leave us a comment & subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

This is just the beginning! Today’s video shows you how to specifically target your booty & thighs.

Top 5 Booty Workout Routines

These are some of our favorite booty exercises because this workout is 100% NO Equipment Needed, so that means you can do these moves anywhere! Grab a partner or give it a go solo as you workout with us for today’s challenge.  

After performing a 3-5 minute warmup, complete 3-5 rounds, 1 minute each exercise of the following:

  • Forward Lunge, Back Kick (30 seconds each side)
  • Lateral Lunge (30 seconds each side)
  • Full Squat (30 seconds), Jump Squat (30 seconds)
  • Standing Glute Raise (30 seconds each side)
  • Backward Lunge, Knee Raise (30 seconds each side)

Leave a comment below the video to let us know how you did and what you’d like to see next!

See ya next week 🙂

Your trainers,

Liz & Sara