Workout Wednesday ~ Total Body Sculpt

Hey fitfam!

It’s Workout Wednesday! That means an all new women’s workout routine. 🙂 Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the video demo for today’s total body sculpting workout.


Using two 5 lb. dumbbells, you can complete this routine pretty much anywhere. Since all of the exercises are in a higher rep range, stick to using lighter weights — anywhere from 5-10 lbs. for each movement.

After performing a 3-5 minute warmup, complete 3-4 rounds of the following circuit:

  • 15 Bent Over Rows into Tricep Kickbacks (both sides)
  • 15 Sumo Squat Curl & Press
  • 15 Side Lunge Twist (both sides)
  • 15 V-Ups
  • 4 side plank holds (30 seconds each): Hold each side in both high plank & elbow plank
  • AMRAP High/Low Planks

That’s it! Share this workout with a buddy and hold each other accountable to completing it by Friday!

And as always, come back next week for another brand new workout video.


Your trainers,

Liz & Sara