Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers: Part 1

Gifting time!

Is there a lady in your life you want to shower with healthy food or fitness gifts?

Good! Us too… Ourselves… (just kidding — it’s actually each other, and all our trainer friends)

Now that Black Friday is over, we’re sharing our top gift ideas for fitness lovers in case you missed out on all the holiday deals.

And this is coming from 2 total fitness fanatics… so trust us when we say, your fitgirl friend is gonna love this stuff.

As we all prepare for some serious holiday shopping mania, here are some ideas to help narrow down your search. 

Fitness Apparel Gifts 

1. LEGGINGS: hands down, Glyder Apparel takes the win on this one. Amazing quality and super cute designs (we’re talkin’ lace, cutouts, sheer & more!) without the high price tag. Use coupon code “gosupersisters” for 15% off at checkout.

A little true story about Glyder leggings…

The other day I was walking through Whole Foods and a guy stopped to ask where they were from so he could buy his girlfriend a pair. Yep, they are that cute!

2. JACKETS: a little real talk – jackets can get really pricey really fast.

 So, we are ecstatic about sharing this brand with you…. Avalanche!

The material of their jackets is unreal and super comfy. Plus, their jackets are all on sale now! Get ’em cheap while you can. We also found a few at our local Costco for only $20!

3. SPORTS BRAS: Alright, Glyder Apparel for the win again.

How freakin’ cute are these lacey bras from Glyder?!

We are both in love. Enough said. 

Don’t forget coupon code “gosupersisters” for 15% off

4. SOCKS: This one might be a running joke in our family, but seriously socks are one of the best gifts for the fitness fanatics in your life.

Because we all know you probably know someone who has holes in their socks galore.

Or, maybe they are always wearing totally mismatched socks.

Time to tell them to toss their nasty socks out and replace them with something cute like these panda socks.

No joke, we always put socks in each others stockings for Christmas. 

Best and cheapest gift ever.

5. SHOES: you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Nikes.

Seriously, they are pretty much the only cute brand of shoes out there.

Here’s our secret tip on saving money when it comes to these shoes (which we all know can get pretty pricey)…

Go to DSW or shop online with Amazon! Seriously, you can save a good $20-50 per pair of Nikes if you just go to a discount shoe store. Shhhaawing! Score!


The only word we have when it comes to this Fabletics gym bag. SO. FREAKIN’. CUTE.

Great for the gym or for traveling – this bag is to. die. for.

Plus, it pretty much matches whatever you wear.  

Happy shopping!!


Sara & Liz

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