The Best Juice Cleanse

Alright, time to clear up some confusion about the best juice cleanse to go on…

Your body has organs specifically made to “detox” your body daily, so NO you don’t need to do a “juice cleanse” and no, that juice cleanse is not actually helping you lose any weight.

Nothing makes a good trainer more frustrated than seeing big Instagram accounts out there supporting “juice cleanses” or “detoxes” or “skinny teas.”

Run in the opposite direction of those people asap because they are 100% just trying to sell you something, usually their product or detox cleanse promising to help you “lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or whatever.

It’s BS — they’re just capitalizing off your miseducation.

Are we saying to never drink juice? Definitely not!

We both sometimes drink all natural juice as part of a healthy, balanced plant-based diet, but we always make sure to buy them fresh & cold-pressed (cold-pressed retains the nutritional value of the juiced veggies & fruits) and check to make sure they don’t have a ton of sugar.

We typically look for those that incorporate more greens & veggies than fruit. Even better, try making your own at home with our favorite green juice recipe. If you don’t have a juicer, try this green smoothie recipe for weight loss instead. 

Juices can definitely help you get a massive nutrient boost, but the lesson here? Don’t believe the hype of juice cleanses or detox teas!!

Slow and steady diet & exercise improvements win the race, every time. Share this with a friend who may not know this info and help them save their money!

Be smart, stay safe.

xx Your Trainers xx
The Super Sisters

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