WEIGHT loss after pregnancy

Weight Gain After Pregnancy

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Since we can’t always respond right away, we’ve decided to start this little Q+A Tuesday series to help you instead! Because chances are… if you have this question, there are probably about a hundred other women out there with the same exact Q too.

Welcome to Q+A Tuesday

This new experimental video series will be a place where you can get a professional opinion from a certified trainer without having to shell out a billion dollars.

We know trainers can be expensive, so we’re hoping this series provides you new insights, education and information about whatever food or fat loss question you have.  The goal is to put a definitive stop to all the silly weight loss rumors out there, and give you real, science-based answers straight from the experts.

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Today’s question comes from Kate P.

Kate writes, “Question for you guys… I have a 14 month old son, so I am still trying to lose some baby weight. I used to work out, but haven’t for the last two months. I have noticed that I had to get a larger size Jean, but yet the number in the scale continues to go down. Any ideas why my pants size is going up while my weight is falling? (I know why my jeans are going up, lack of exercise, but don’t get the weight falling.)”

Great question, Kate. Here’s the answer! Watch the video below to learn more about weight gain after pregnancy. 

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