Blueberry Pie Oatmeal Parfait

Do you ever look back at old photos of yourself and think “WOW, what was I thinking?!” Maybe it was the outfit you were wearing or your hairstyle you had, but we’ve all had a time where we’ve looked back at ourselves from the past and probably had a good laugh or two (or TEN!). Well, that’s exactly how we feel about our old blog posts and photos. For example, take a look at the difference between these two photos below. Wow, what a long way we’ve come in the last year! It’s actually pretty embarrassing to us to look back at our old work, but also really fun because we can see how much we’ve grown and how much our skillset has improved.

Starting The Super Sisters is really surreal and crazy, and it all started with a dream to help other people and share our passion. It definitely wasn’t easy to get where we are and we had so many doubts along the way. Even our own parents didn’t think we could do it, but we were persistent and had the belief we COULD do it. If you’ve ever wondered how we “do it all” and how we’ve gotten where we are, here’s your answer: with patience, practice and persistence. So this week we want you to have patience with yourself and know that no matter what your goal is you can do it as long as you believe it and work hard.

Click on the photo below for the recipe!