What is Tabata Training? Benefits of HIIT vs. LISS Cardio

Have you ever heard of tabata training? What about a HIIT workout? 

Well if you’ve never heard of either one, we are here to break it down for you because you don’t want to miss out on the amazing results you get from incorporating HIIT exercises into your routine. 

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is an exercise method where you shift back and forth between short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of light exercise or rest. HIIT workouts are typically less than 20 minutes, which means they’re another great option if you’re short on time!

There’s a specific style of HIIT cardio known as the Tabata Method. In 1996, Dr. Izumi Tabata tested several different HIIT formats. His research proved that a 20 second maximal work period followed by a brief 10 second recovery, repeated for a total of 8 rounds (totaling 4 minutes), produced the best results for fat burning.

HIIT training and tabata workouts are one of the best ways to burn fat (especially stubborn belly fat) and keep your metabolism sky high for up to 48 hours after you complete one of these workouts. Learn more by watching the video below… 

Ready to try a tabata workout to help lose belly fat? Ask and you shall receive 😉


Get ready to sweat and burn fat fast. Comment on the video once you’ve completed your workout and let us know what you think about tabatas! 

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