5 Simple Hacks to Get Bikini Ready | Bikini Body Ready Tricks

Going on a vacation or trip where you have to whip out your bikini?

Nervous about how you’re gonna look?

I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all been there — stressed and overwhelmed about having to bare it all in a bikini.

Banish bloat and slim down with these simple bikini body ready hacks to prepare for the beach fast:



1. Water, water, water!

We can’t say it enough — WATER! Water should be your new best friend for the week leading up to your bikini debut. Staying hydrated will help keep your skin fresh and glowing as well as help with bloating. Add in fresh herbs and fruit to spice it up!

2. Eliminate alcohol

Sorry to say it, but the alcoholic drinks have got to go! Alcohol leads to bloating, especially around the midsection. Cut the drinks for 1 week — you can do it! 

3. Avoid processed carbs

White breads, pastas and baked goods should get the boot. These processed carbohydrates spike blood sugar, leading to an increase in fat storage. Instead, focus on eating plant-based for the week leading up to your beach day.

4. Go plant-based

Hate to be redundant but this is the best tip to getting bikini ready is to go plant based!  Eating plant based for at least 1 week will help cut belly fat fast. You’ll be surprised at how hydrating and filling fruits & veggies are, and how much your skin glows when you’re eating real food from nature 😉


5. Get walkin’!

Aim for a 30 minute walk each day leading up to your trip. Walking will keep your heart rate in the “fat burning zone” to help you shed a couple of pounds quickly.  


Add in these simple hacks to see results fast to feel confident in your bikini this summer. 

With love from your dedicated trainer,

<3 Sara

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